Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little Snow

I had for the past week or two chiding myself for not taking the trike off the trainer and going for a real ride. The weather had been decent if not a little cool for my tastes, but now I have the perfect excuse, 12-15 inches of fresh snow!  The Mainers are great about snow and the main roads were cleared instantly and I'm sure my side roads are passable, but the salt and sand and what ever other crud they throw down will keep me off these roads probably until spring. But we'll be in Florida by January and I plan to get plenty of riding in down there.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2012 Ride from Belfast Maine to the west coast.

I (Ed) am turning 50 in 2012 and for the past few years I've been debating about a suitable mental/physical challenge to under take. Sure this is all about the denial of getting older. It's strange to me that my 30th or 40th birthdays, which seem to cause most men grief, passed without any notice. But 50, that has caught my attention. Not sure why, but maybe it's because my father died during his fifth decade. No need for psychoanalysis however, it is enough that I want to do it and we have the means.

So the plan, as of today, is to start in Belfast Maine then to generally follow the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route (NTR). I say generally since right off the bat I'm not starting in Bar Harbor. We live in Maine so Bar Harbor holds no mythic symbolism for me. But Belfast is just down the road and has a nice public boat ramp to allow me to do the ceremonial rear tire dip in the Atlantic. Its not technically on the Atlantic but rather Penobscot Bay which opens to the Atlantic. Bar Harbor is not on the Atlantic either but rather  Frenchman Bay. Also route 3 that comes out of Ellsworth down to MDI isn't a fun road to ride.

The next diviation form the NTR will come around Niagara Falls NY. There I will enter Canada, cut across to re-enter the US at Port Huron MI. From there head north through he Upper Peninsula and then through Hayward WI, Coon Rapids MN and then rejoin the NTR. This course through Canada, Michigan, and Wisconsin is generally following the Adventure Cycling North Lakes Route. I found a bike rider who did basically what I'm planning, except west to east, here is the general idea Bike Map.

As for preparation, I can't say I've been training hard this summer. My time has been mostly about building a house and a boat. My plan is to ride daily on the using my indoor trainer.  Then when we head south I'll get outdoor rides until spring. I figure this training will be all about getting me in shape to ride the first week. That first week then prepares me for the remaining 9 or 11 weeks. I say that because in past long rides after that first week I felt like superman.