Saturday, January 19, 2013

Partial Okeechobee Ride

We're staying at the KOA about 1/2 mile from a Lake Okeechobee dike access point. It's an easy ride but a little tricky getting across the junction where Rt 441 t-bones Rt 78. Sometimes the traffic is light but other times it's like rush hour in Washington DC! But then your on the dike and the excitement calms down.
View of dike from KOA entrance.

Ramp up to dike trail and access to boat ramp.

Our trikes just fit through that left access gap!

This is a fishing lake. I've never seen a sailboat on the lake other then when we transiting on the OWW.

I had thought about riding all the way around Okeechobee but on closer inspection unpaved 45 miles or so aren't really a trikes forte. The unpaved section has very long stretches of two track with thick grass in the middle and large gravel/rocks in the tracks.
From our access point there is about a 5 mile ride westward until the dike trail spills out on to Rt78.
End of the ride westward. 

Sharing Rt 78 with big trucks.
I rode on Rt78 for about 30sec and had the closest pass ever. It wasn't the big rigs it was some ass in a pickup with utility trailer. With a wide open road he let that trailer pass within an inch.