Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baldwin/Jax trail with fresh eyes!

Yesterdays ride was great. It was an overcast and relatively cool morning. After riding the Nature Coast Trail I see the Jax trail as a much nicer ride. First the practical, there are four rest stops. Next, no roads closely parallel the trial. It’s a great resource for Jacksonville. It would be wonderful if they ever extend this trail. At about 29 miles it’s a little short for us now that we ride trikes.
There are some rough spots that need fixing, these are marked with red paint and cones but for a high speed rider it might be best to reconnoiter the route before doing speed runs. It looks like Jax is committed to this trail also. A new road is being built that will cross the trail and instead of just putting in another at grade crossing with stop signs they built an overpass.  Sweet no need to slow, my one fiscal question would be why not make the trail go over the road instead? I'm sure building a bridge to withstand the weight of HPVs would be much cheaper than building a bridge to carry even a small pickup truck. An added bonus would be a little hill to climb.

Four days and no response from Catrike so I emailed Mt Airy Bikes this morning and had a reply today.

Trail Head at Jacksonville end.

New overpass for new road.

Some areas need work.

Baldwin trail head

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