Thursday, August 11, 2011

Polk City Iowa: High Trestle Trail

Near the start in Ankeny IA
 After a two and a half day drive we're in the Polk City Iowa area for a few days to help celebrate an aunt and uncles 40th wedding anniversary and a birthday. The parties don’t take all day and we got here a day early especially to ride the High Trestle Trail which was just completed this spring. We started in Ankeny IA and headed north for Slater. The trail then intersects a rail-trail going east to where I don’t know but it goes a long way, and west to the High Trestle.  The trail is smooth with just a few road crossings and gentle ascents which seem pretty typical for eastern US Rail-Trails. The most notable thing was the grasshoppers all over the trail. As we approach they hop for their lives but only about half hop out of the way. The other half hop into our trikes. Unfortunately the hoppers max altitude seems to be about 2 ft which lets them hit us from head to toe. I suppose a bicycle rider might not even notice these little creatures other than as background visual noise and the occasional tingle on the shin.
The ride ended up being about 45 miles for the the day and on the return trip it started to get hot and limited shade.
Fire Department test hydrant

I think these are grain silos

Bridge as art

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