Friday, November 18, 2011

Training Indoors SUCKS!

I may be something of a wimp but the weather just isn't to my liking. So I've been spinning almost daily on my trike using the indoor trainer. After 45 minutes I'm bored senseless even listening to interesting pod casts. So since I built flight simulators for the Navy I thought surely someone has built a bike simulator. So a quick Google search and I found Computrainer and a great review at DCRainMaker. It sounds like just the ticket but I have much better ways to spend $1700.

We're back in Annapolis and the gym is now my primary training but I hope to get on the trike on nice days. There is one exercise I think the gym offers that really applies to riding a trike, the leg press. It's virtually the same position and motion as riding a recumbent trike, except that obviously on the tike only one leg is pushing at a time. I think that alternate days on the leg press will be very helpful.  The gym also has a Cybex recumbent bike that I plan to ride daily if not riding my trike. The Cybex 750R is horribly optimistic on it's speed and distance however. On my trike trainer using the Cateye bike computer attached to the rear wheel I cruise at about 12-13 mph which pretty much matches up to real world. With about the same effort the Cybex shows something like 22-26mph! That would be awesome but I don't think I've jumped in capacity that much due to driving 800 miles south.

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