Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aero Teardrop Trailer debut

Yesterday we rolled the ATT MK I out of the garage for the first time. Humm, maybe I should call it ATdT instead to keep Ma Bell from coming after me. After all someone might mistake it for a phone booth:) 
After a 14 mile test drive and we’re pleased. It tracked great in gusty winds. It towed pretty lightly, the Matrix spent time in 5th, and the big hill near home needed a shift to 3rd instead of the usual 4th. What type MPG we get will be the next really interesting data point. After the drive we were inspired to add a little more art work. Hawk eyes to the front and Wharram owl eyes to the side. 

As to the the ride itself, the plan is to drive w/ATdT to the Durham area to camp on Monday to re-start my ride Tuesday May 1st. The ATdT is going to make 90+ days camping on the road so much more “civilized” .

Note: This trailer is also what I'm calling the "MK I" (pronounced Mark One) version in honor of the Brits, you see I built it without plans. I did an initial sketch to get the profile shape then just started building and tackled build issues as they came up. Having owned and loved old British cars and boats I've always thought this was how they designed and built:) 

MK II or maybe MK III will include an aerodynamically shaped forward storage area, fender fairings, overhead hatch fairing, and vortex generator fins aft(looking suspiciously like a 1950' Chevy fins), and belly pans. 

“Struggle gives meaning and richness to life” 
                 Sir Roger Bannister(1929- ),  First man to run a  sub-four minute mile on May 6th, 1954.

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