Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NTR Restart, Day 4 Durham ME to Naples ME

Today was the official "real" start of our ride across country! Unfortunately the weather was nothing like days 1-3 back in mid March. The best way to describe today was Raw. Temps in the low 40s and rain, but blessedly the winds were not too bad. I started in the little river side park in Durham at about 8:30am. Layering up to keep warm, gloves and rain coat(that seriously needs Scotch Guarding). The worst part about rain riding for me is that I wear eye glasses. I get used to the rain drops obstructing view and actually they help when riding faster then about 10mph since they keep rain out of the eyes. The big, and I mean big downside is when they fog up. Some times I can clear them with speed but not always. Maybe ski goggles. The weather report for tomorrow looks much better, NO RAIN:)
Start at Durham Park, just getting wet. 

Mid ride stop, very wet. 

End of ride, drying out clothing and machine

Enough of the negative, on the plus side the fairing really earned it's place on the trike.  It keeps the wind and rain off mostly off the lower body. After several hours the legs do get wet, but nothing like the chest. Next big positive are the Maine car/truck drivers! Something like 99.5% gave generous passing clearance and no overt hostile motions. While many roads leave a lot to be desired, I can only hope the rest of the states have such considerate drivers.

As for the trike. The only problem was jumping the chain off the lowest chainring while slamming a downshift to the new Salsa 24T. Easily reset, but I can't be ham fisted in shifting. Also on these road the trike is so much safer than a bike. With the rain and rough road surfaces I think this would need to be a weather delay on two wheels.

Best event of the day was without question was seeing Donna in the parking lot of the Naples American Legion.  After 32.9 miles and +3400ft of climbs I was ready to call it a day.

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