Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 9, E. Middleburry VT to Ticonderoga NY

Starting the day in front of the East Middlebury Library and its 36degF and sunny at 6:45am. I thought today was going to be just plain easy, no dice. Although the ACA map doesn't show much in the way of climbs between East Middlebury and Tico, the 26 miles still had over +2100ft climb. Yeah that's a little bit of whining. I was tried at the start and was really looking forward to basically a coast down to the lake. Yesterday took more out of me than I thought so with Tico in sight it was time for some rest & recuperation. We found a very nice camp site about 8miles north and decided tomorrow was a complete day off.

Thought of the Day: We can't trust our eyes, aka eyewitness accounts are nearly worthless. In my case it was looking ahead and estimating the road grade, i.e. up or down. I found that after big climbs just the decrease in grade from say 8% to 2% gave the illusion of the road going down! Then I get confused, why is my speed down from normal for a slight decline. Am I that tired? Are the brakes dragging? Big headwind? No, No, and No. I look sideways to the direction of travel and it's instantly and obviously I'm still on an upward grade:(

Leaving the White and Green Mountains behind. If Vermont would fix it's roads it would be a great riding experience. 

The Adirondack Mountains ahead.

Local art, saw others but this was the only pic.
Ferry across to Ticonderoga NY. 

Yeah another state down. 

Tico central park is pretty but the town is tired.

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