Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 10 R&R near Ticonderoga NY

We had a great rest & recuperation period at a nice camp ground north of Ticonderoga NY. Cool morning, frost on the picnic table, but warmed to a very pleasant sunny day requiring sun block. It did hurt not to be riding on such a fine day, especially with rain predicted for tomorrow, but R&R was really needed.  So we did some other needed tasks, checking out the car, oil, tire etc, fixing a trailer left door issue and putting a new trailer/car electrical connector. 

I was also thinking some might think food would be primitive while camping on the constant move like we're doing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Donna is a miracle worker with a coleman camp stove! Breakfast can be a 3 egg, salmon/pork,spinach, cheese and onion omelet, plain old bacon and eggs or left over pork patties and walnuts. And of couse fresh brewed coffee. We usually don't eat lunch but I will snack on Beef Jerky, apples, bannas, grapes, sardines, nuts, celery with pennut butter, or dinner leftovers. Dinner is nearly alway a salad and cooked vegetable like broccoli, carrots, onion, mushrooms, green onions.  And the main course has been steak, chicken, pork, salmon, turkey chilly and on day fajitas. 
So as you can see we eat very well all thanks to my lovely wife Donna, I LOVE YOU. 
I can only imagine the treats I'd have had I put an oven in the galley. 

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