Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 18, Burnaby Ontario to Turkey Point Ontario

First the positive. It was a very nice ride today for the most part. Great views of Lake Ontario, friendly people, interesting houses, interesting political fight and great weather. 
The road that follows the north shore, Lake Shore Rd, Front Rd and other names, gives tons of views of the lake with minimal traffic. It’s good the traffic is minimal since shoulders are just about nonexistent.  

Looks like GE 2.5MW turbines near Lake Erie 

Lake Front home opposed to 2.5MW GE Wind turbines:)

The political fight is over wind turbines. Mini Rant: I think of this as the classic NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) fight, remember Teddy Kennedy and Nantucket Sound. I saw dozens and dozens of STOP the wind turbines signs and signs questioning the health impact of wind turbines. So I suppose those STOP folks would rather get their power from the coal plant 20 plus miles away. I just have to chuckle at this because these homes are generally down wind of the coal plant where there is a known health impact. It’s sorta like seeing a Prius doing 80mph, and then the driver complaining they aren't getting 50mpg :) Missing the bigger picture.

Now to the Negative side.  
My knees are killing me. Damn I hate this.  My legs, except for the knees, feel like iron man. The knees are my weak link. After 68 miles I arrived at our camp in Turkey Point Provincial Park, Norfolk Ontario and could barely get out of my trike. My knees just didn’t want to work. And today it’s not just the left, both are very sore. After much contemplation and no internet to confirm or deny my suspicions, I've decided it's not wise to go on. My suspicion is that I need to give these 50 year old knees at least a week of very light duty and no cycling. I’m thinking of this just like a muscle injury and they have got to be given time to heal. So as pretty as the Turkey Point Park is, at $42/day it’s not the place to recuperate. 

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