Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 12, N. Hudson to Inlet NY

A new personal high mileage and climb day. I must be getting better in tone, because this was not nearly as hard as the Bread Loaf Mountain day. Another cool start, low 40s and light rain but by afternoon the sun was trying to peek out. There is always the question about if recumbents are slower than roadie bikes. I tend to think it has a lot to do with  selection bias, i.e. the young men buy Lance replicas to be cool and race while older folks buy recumbents for touring and comfort. Now I really see the difference on steep long climbs. Why attack the climb, just shift to granny gear and motor up, smell the roses as it were. Stopping and restarting mid climb is so undramatic, no preplanning needed, just stop take a picture and move on. So now my answer to why trikes climb slow "BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!!"
Yet another rainy start:(

I'm sure these mountains look grand on a clear day:(
Whoo, Half way across the Adirondack

Cool sign, Teddy was a great Pres. 

Ok how many stunningly beautiful lakes can you see before they get dull? This picture just does not do justice . 

Yeah the rain stopped and actually warmed up a bit!

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