Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 11, Tico NY to North Hudson NY

The sound of rain on the camper roof early this morning said the weather men were right. It was in the low 50s and the rain wasn't too heavy so we decided to push on. Right out of Tico there is a nice nonstop 900ft climb, so the cool temp and light rain was no problem. It's amazing how much heat the body can generate with constant exertion. But the rain got heavier and the temps dropped to the 40s, which is a problem without the proper gear. Clothing in this kind of weather is hard, because on a climb a lot less clothing is needed than a descent. Heck on a climb gloves are not even needed, but on the level or descent they are a must! So a pair of water proof gloves are necessary. Next on the climb a rain coat or wind block isn't needed, not so on descent, an effective rain coat is needed. And finally the head, ears and face, same thing, not on the climb, yes on the descent. And probably the worst part about not having the right clothing on the descent is speed limiting:( There were several really nice descents on this section but I was limited to less the about 13mph on most when I'm sure high 20s to low 30s speed could have been hit.

And I'm seriously disappointed that today without effective gloves I was taken out after only 22miles. I'm also disappointed in Walmart Supercenter, come on guys, no rain gloves? After all we're in upstate NY not Florida. I suppose I'll have this cold weather riding down pat about the time tee shirts, shorts and sun screen become the standard uniform:)
Warm-up stop:) A MUST in this weather. 

Early camp at Yogi campground. Rained all night. 

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