Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 15, N. Volney to Sodus Point NY

A short day. We're out of the mountains and now my knee starts to hurt. Not serious and that's the reason for the rest I don't want it to get serious. We have a nice camp at Point Sodus NY on Lake Ontario. They have a beautiful harbor and large protected bay. The sailboats were out racing! Oh how I wanted to hitch a ride, even if just as rail meat. This morning was beautiful still cool at 41degF at ride start but with full sun it warmed up quickly and was 74 by 1pm. The only other negative is that we must be getting near large populations because the drivers are distinctly less considerate than from Knox ME to Boonville NY along the ACA route.

Today I was stopped twice today by fellow bicyclist interested in my strange three wheeled ride. The first was a 65 year old woman "Iron Man" competitor. She easily got me on the climb but I smoked her on the descent! So naturally when this story gets retold in years to come my faulty memory will forget the "65 year woman" and only remember the "Iron Man competitor!!" :) Then an eccentric older lady on a two wheel recumbent. Hard to describe but she took up more of the road on level ground than I do. She wobbled but didn't fall down:)

Aren't All recumbent riders a little eccentric:)

First views of Lake Ontario.

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