Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 8, Vermont in a day:) Well almost.

We started in Thetford Hill VT early this morning before 7am. This was going to turn out to be my personal best day. Over 60 miles and over +6000ft of climb. Two mountains account for the climb and early start and nice weather the mileage. Started out overcast with threat of rain but by mid day the sun was out!! For the first time I was in shorts and tee shirt. It felt good:) After leaving Thetford Hill there was one big climb but nothing serious. Then a very nice ride through a river valley from about Sharon VT to Rochester VT. Just rolling hills and not too much traffic even for a sunny weekend day.

Then everything changed, dun, dun,duuun. The hundreds of Posrches racing down the hill should have been a clue. But my only thought was there's some money around here. Next the three Lance Armstrong type bicyclist who asked "are you going over the TOP??". The climb started easily enough then after a 50 mile day the full 12% grade kicked in. Several stops later, easily done on a trike, and I was at the top. The reward was a fantastic backside ride. Didn't hit a new top speed but close. But the smooth roads easily made this the best down hill.

River art.

See Really in Vermont, never saw a welcome sign.

And another covered bridge....

Yeah the Sun is out. 

Conquered Bread Loaf Mountain!!!!

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