Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 6, Kancamagus Pass

We woke to the pitter patter of rain, well a little more than a pitter. So rain delay 1. So this morning we were delayed by weather. We camped at Blackberry Crossing National Forrest Campground and didn't get riding until 9:30am. Surprisingly for this early in the season we were not alone at the campground. I'd had enough rain riding from Durham to Naples. On the climb to Kancmagus Pass I started to think about my personal definitions of a Mountain. We live on Mt Frye(~750ft) but I don't think of that as a mountain, but Kancamagus(~2855ft) is a whole different story. So my working definition is a climb that takes over 1 hours is definitely a Mountain!
Try climbing at 2.5mph like this on two wheels:)

Smile of the Day, because the down hill was going to be fast!!

In the clouds at the lookout parking lot

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