Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One more Trike Improvement?

Well, I think so. This TerraCycle GX Fairing is a pretty slick piece and a bit pricey. But then there is a cost to low production run stuff.

I didn’t weigh it but I think even 5lbs would be a stretch. Initially I thought the plastic screen was too thin since it came wrapped up tight and flexes about even once mounted. But after an initial ride and it seems OK and this thinness certainly contributes to light weight.

The faring is designed to tilt forward to make entry and egress from the trike easier since the fairing extends back to about mid thigh. But I have decided to lock the fold mechanism since in bumpy riding the fairing starts moving forward and up and I’ve found I can easily enter the trike from the side with the fairing in place so there’s no need for it to tilt forward for me.

I bought it mainly for diverting the cold early spring Maine air but I’m very curious as to how much speed is gained for a given power input, i.e. can I carry a higher gear with the same heart rate. My initial ride around the neighborhood says yes but I’ll take the tike out to the Jax/Baldwin rail-trail where I can get a better test. So off to Baldwin this weekend.

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