Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to "Real" training

We're back home in Maine and the weather is fine! 70 degF and low humidity, how much better can it get! So there is no excuse to ride the boring ride of the SportCrafters trainer looking out the living room window. To get back up to speed on hills I've been just riding about 2.5 miles out from the house to where the road shoulder ends then coming home. Our home is on a pretty tall hill, in fact the only passing lane on Rt 137 between Belfast and Waterville is on our hill. Not trying to brag just saying that a good workout can be had in under 10 miles of riding around here. Naturally to ride the NTR I'll need to be up to riding 60 miles in this terrain.
Nice wide shoulders sometimes.

Just rolling hills approaching home.

The cut in the tree line is where the road goes by our house
A road I like riding last year. This is a paved road, but I have no idea when it might get cleaned of all this crud.
Shoulder get narrower.

Don't know why but this sign always cracks me up

Pictures just don't do this hill justice.
And home, I walk the trike on this last hill, no traction.

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