Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Belfast to Waldoboro

Today I started at the Belfast foot bridge and pointed my trike toward Waldoboro via Camden. Following the ACA route I left Belfast on Rt 52 to Lincolnville Center. This is a two lane hilly road without a paved shoulder. But this early in the season without any tourists all the car drivers were very courteous. Sometimes while going slow on ascents I'd pull in to the gravel shoulder to let cars pass. I'd hate to do this road in the summer however with the not so nice out of state cars. The welcomed shoulders came back near Megunticook Lake and had shoulders on the main roads all the way to Waldoboro. In Camden I deviated from the ACA route staying away from the cold air coming off the water. But by late day I was ready to be cooled off. Who would have thought HEAT (80F+) would be an issue in Maine in March. Rt 90 and US1 had much more traffic but with generally good shoulders it wasn't an issue.

Leaving Belfast behind, nice wake-up climb.

First Moose sighting:)

Guess what this is part of.............

It belongs to a small plane that just missed the airport.

No shoulder on RT 52

Glad I have three wheels dealing with this.

Great long views nearing Lincolnville.

Not much in Lincolnville Center. 2 cars passed during 10 minute break.

Cold air coming off the lake.

And real shoulders again nearing Camden, yeah!

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