Monday, March 26, 2012

eTrex 20 in the cockpit!

I just thought I'd show how sweet the mount for the Garmin eTrex 20 is when my fairing is installed. I just moved it to this position after missing turns on my last ride. Before I had the Garmin eTrex co-located with the heart rate monitor on the left. In this position it is right in my line of sight and if the sun light is right or back lighting is on, I shouldn't blow past any more turns.

I'm using a RAM mount for the eTrex. I've used these mounts on motorcycles(staring back when the Garmin III+ was bleeding edge tech) and boats. They are a little heavier and probably more expensive than some others but in literally hundreds of thousands of miles traveled by MC and boat they have never failed.

This fairing mount is pretty handy. I think I may use the end to mount a new mirror. Also if weather gets really sweltering the clear plexiglass comes off easily by removing the 4 screws with knurled heads.

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