Thursday, March 22, 2012

Waldoboro to Durham

Day 3 - In the "Big City" now. Well what passes for cities in Maine, Bath and Brunswick. Real traffic but drivers still being good. The last 10miles was character building along with summer time temps. First breakage, mirror snapped off. I think hitting an old wood bridge at speed did it, frankly I'm surprised nothing else came loose.
Nice rest stop in Damariscotta Maine

Brunswick bike path wasn't too scenic but better than being on the road.

Lost mirror and heart rate monitor.
I've found that climbing hills I use the heart rate monitor kinda like a temperature gauge in a car. I keep an eye on it and can spin with with abandon until 153. Then slow down to keep it steady. If need I can still sprint until I hit about 170 but then I make sure to slow/stop to let the rate to drop back to the 130's

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