Friday, March 25, 2011

Intial Impressions of the Trident Stowaway 2

Tires pumped up, front tire toe in set and off I was. Wow, this is so different than riding a bike, the best comparison is motorcycle vs sports car. Which I know isn't a good comparison if you don't ride a Motorcycle or drive a sports car, what can I say, you should:)

Ready to add my stuff
I attached my three water bottles, two to the seat back and one on the frame under the seat. Attached the tire pump, collocated with the frame water bottle.  Installing the trusty Cateye Mity 8 bike computer took the most time. The TS2 (Trident Stowaway 2) has a nice accessory mount on the left kingpin but the computer wheel speed sensor tab is on the right kingpin and the bike computer wire is not long enough to cross from right to left. Thought about moving accessory mount to the right but I want it left side for the mirror(which comes with the trike but is back ordered) and the headlight. So I found that the sensor mounted nicely on the brake caliper and that results in no twisting of the wire.  Trident does sell a right side sensor mount for about $32 w/S&H.  There is no place nice to mount the handle bar bag. My under seat tool kit mounts under the rear rack over the fender. And finally my trunk bag on the rear rack!
Sensor tab on right kingpin assembly
Cateye, Headlight and sensor on right kingpin
Mount location for bottle and tire pump

Seat back location for water bottle but not tire pump.
It was only about a 5 mile ride and I really can't comment on comfort until I have about a 30 mile run. Our roads are not smooth and with 100psi tires I can feel every bump and in the recumbent position I don't have my legs for shock absorption.  But it wasn't bad. It's not jarring. I found myself playing around on sidewalks and ducking under low hanging tree limbs cutting through to paths. This trike just encourages play. I'm loving it and can't wait to get some real miles on it. Not this weekend though with snow forecast.

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