Friday, March 25, 2011


My wife and I have decided to switch from our hybrid bicycles and get tadpole style trikes. We need to travel about 1 hour out to Mt Airy Bike. Mt Airy has the biggest selection of recumbent bikes and trikes of any dealer I've seen. Most have one or two trikes, if I had to guess Mt Airy has better than 20 trikes and they will let you test ride any. They have a very nice multiple mile test loop with hill climbs and high speed descents.
We test rode models made by Catrike,  Greenspeed,  ICE,  TeraTrike, and Trident and in the end we decided to buy a Catrike Trail for her and a Trident Stowaway 2 for me.
We chose the Trail based on seat height and the for lack of a better term "sit down distance", that is how far the front of the seat is to where the feet are on the ground prior to sitting. The Trail with direct steering is much easier to sit into than the Trident with tie rods in front of the front cross beams.
I chose the Trident due to the combined quality of components, folding ability and mainly the way it fits me.
I've had my Trident for a few days and Donna's will be arrive in about two weeks. Unfortunately Catrike are changing production to the 2nd gen Trail right now so we have to wait.
I decided to write this blog since on a member said his local bike shop had called the Trident Stowaway 2 "a piece of crap". I'm planning some long distance rides like RAGBRAI and TransAM so I thought it would be interesting to see how this Trident alleged POC holds up.
Now it's probably not fair to compare it to a trike that costs 42% more, but since that's the two trikes in our family that's what I'm going to do. I hope this helps some others in their trike buying adventures.

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