Monday, March 28, 2011

Clipless peddles

I've always had toe clips on bicycles. I never fancied myself the Lance Armstrong, Walter Mitty type. Plus seeing riders fall over after long days and once even seeing a rider fall in to police officer after stopping to ask a question, I've never felt the need for a clipless setup.
That has changed. On a some bumpy high speed hills my feet have slipped nearly off the peddle. Being new to this I've just trusted the LBS and installed a pair of SunLite single side clipless SPD peddles.
Clipless peddles on TS2

I opted for single side since I still plan to use regular shoes for short rides.

2nd Gen Trail vs TS2:
The 2nd Gen Trail is supposed to come with clipless peddles while I had to spend about $40 for this upgrade on the TS2. I'll have to wait and see the quality of the 2-Trail peddles.

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