Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love those Clipless peddles

I've had a few days riding now with the clipless peddles using Shimano MT33L bike shoes on my TS2. These are great, the foot stays fixed! No more worries over the bumps and long days. Also unexpectedly they make it easier to get in to the rear rack bag. By having the feet planted I can twist and my legs aren't hitting wheels or steering.  I can also see why some folks fall over on bicycles with these, even reclined and safely unable to fall sometimes it takes a few seconds to clip out. This will probably improve with experience.

Trident vs. Catrike:
This isn't a direct trike vs. trike but in email responses. Trident wins hands down. I've had several exchanges with Trident and so far Catrike has not responded to emails. I still have no idea of delivery date or fender and rack options. I've had others say that Catrike had excellent customer service, one very important reason we bought one, but so far I can't agree.

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