Monday, April 11, 2011

Day of Speed 3

Today I finally got to ride Harry Truman Pkwy and spun the TS2 up to 39.5mph! That's a solid 2mph faster than my hybrid when it was on the much more daunting "Ho Chunk Hill". By the hill on Mastline is only 46ft, the hill on Truman is 77ft. I can't find the exact hill that was Ho-Chunk Hill but the area around Barraboo WI has plenty of hills over 200ft.
The best thing was the stability again. This descent didn't have sewer caps but it's a busy road so I had to stay on the shoulder dodging the normal trash morons throw out.
I still haven't logged a good long day yet. I can say that after the hours I've put  in the seat, zero issues. No butt, shoulder, neck issues:) As soon as Donna's Catrike gets in we're headed to Florida and before we head to Maine we intend to put on at least one 50+ mile day. I'm searching for a rail-trail that exceeds 25 miles. The one we're nearest to, Jax-Baldwin, is only about 14.5miles and I don't know if I want to drive 3hrs to the Mable-Polk City trial.

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