Friday, April 22, 2011

Give me a BRAKE

The Catrike Trail arrived Tuesday, we were in the truck headed south Wednesday and finally put some real miles on the trikes today.  We did the Jacksonville/Baldwin rail-trail. It’s a very nice country ride, arrow straight with only slight elevation gain. It’s mostly shaded before noon and in Florida that’s a very good thing. In fact this morning was wonderful and it didn’t really get hot until about the halfway point.

Donna’s initial review after a 29 mile ride, GREAT! She loves that trike, after those miles no numb butts, sore wrists, tight shoulders, stiff neck, etc. My Trident ran great and I give the same evaluation of the ride, GREAT.

The only trouble on the ride was losing the Catrike velcro parking brake strap. What a cheap solution to the need for a parking brake. You guys on bikes might not understand the need but on a trike that will roll away without the owner on the slightest slope a parking brake is very nice to have. The Trident has a parking brake on each front wheel. Each brake handle has a built in spring loaded pin that are pushed in with the brake lever pulled and holds the brake. Pull the brake a little harder and the pin pops out and your ready to go.  Exactly like the parking brake on my 1953 MGTD! Works great, no fiddling with velcro or lost velcro.  The LBS said the Catrike has “better” brake handles but I don’t see that much difference and on a trike the parking brake is important.  In fact in use the smooth back of the Trident bracket makes for a nice hand hold.

The TS2 has BB7 disk brakes and the Catrike was supposed to have the same but was delivered with the BB5. Mt Airy will swap out later. Given the only difference between the Catrike and TS2 is the handle I think TS2 wins on the brake setup.


  1. I wouldn't mind longer brake levers on my TS1, but they'll do. My left parking lock works well, but the right side takes a mechanic's grip on the lever, and then it only partially engages the pin.

  2. I'd say something is wrong on the right. When I get the pads adjusted, first the caliper then the offsets and then the cable, the lock is a tight squeeze but not superman. So maybe your caliper isn't set up correctly. As for length, when my cables, calipers, offset are set right, I've got plenty of stopping power. At below say 20mph, I many times use just 2 or 3 fingers. Any more and I might lift the rear wheel, which is easy to do at under about 4mph:)