Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day of Speed 2

I am just loving this trike. I find myself doing impromptu speed runs and then when I find a nice smooth stretch without cars, its time to attempt two wheel riding! I can't actually ride a straight line on two, just getting the inside wheel lifted during hard turns.Yeah it seems absurd, I went and spent big money for a HPV with three wheels and I'm trying to ride it with two. But it's just so much fun:)
Today's 35mph(56kph) was on the same hill as the other day on Mastline Drive. It's a fun hill but I don't think I'm going to get too much more speed out of it. The blind left and a raised sewer caps makes things pretty interesting already. The 25mph speed limit is justified not only because its a neighborhood road, it's not built for speed. 
35mph on my TS2
My next goal is 37.5mph because today while reading about a ride we did across Wisconsin back in 08' I found that my max speed on my hybrid bike had actually been 37.5mph coming down a very large hill that our group even named "Ho Chunk Hill" since it was near the Ho Chunk Indian Casino in Baraboo.  My wife's cousin did 41mph on that same hill, he was also on a hybrid.
I don't know how I forgot about Ho Chunk Hill, ever since then our family group is always comparing hills to it and I think it still sands as our biggest. Naturally as time goes by it's getting bigger in every retelling:)

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