Saturday, March 26, 2011

Possible long term issue with TS2

After going over the trike one more time I did find this possible issue. The front derailleur cable comes out of it's stop/holder at an steep angle in all three chainring positions. It appears to be rubbing on the brazed-on holder. The holder will wear and the cable will eventually break. The question is how long will it take? I have noticed that I use the front derailleur more often on the trike since it's right in my line of sight and very easy to switch chainrings and make quiet.
Front derailleur cable holder, Trident Stowaway 2
I could use the dremel tool and open up the holder slot, but the cable will still be rubbing on the cable housing. At this point Ill keep an eye on it, it I see a broken cable strand it's time to modify the holder arrangement.
Hoping to get a longer ride in today if the weather warms up a little:)

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  1. Thanks for your thorough treatment of the TS2. Obviously, my TS1 has the same issue with the boom's cable holder, and I intend to eventually reroute the cable to the boom's opposite side using a clamp-on holder. Until I can find the part, I've temporarily installed a LONGER cable jacket and routed it OVER the holder, taking the cable tension across the low-friction cable jacket instead of metal - metal. This mod also increases the cable's radius through the 180 deg. turn, smoothing the action while still keeping the cable loop smaller than the chainring. If my description is obscure, I'll snap a photo of my current workaround and e-mail it to you.